Albino Cambodian Mushroom Spores

Albino Cambodian mushroom spores are known for their resistance to contamination. Studying these spores in a laboratory or under a microscope is easier than other strains that can easily become tainted. Microscopists of all experience levels can enjoy researching the Albino Cambodian mushroom spores. The color of the spores is either purple or white.

A renowned mycologist, John Allen, discovered the Cambodian strain. He found the mushrooms while visiting Cambodia to film cubensis varieties native to the region. He came across a leucistic—partial loss of pigmentation—strain and isolated it, thereby creating the subvariety, Albino Cambodian.

In the wild, the Albino Cambodian strain grows well where the temperatures are hot and humid. The strain is known for producing potent fruits. These mushrooms are fast colonizers in nature—sometimes colonizing in only a week.

Reducing Fears from Traumatic Events
Research into the benefits of psilocybin—the naturally occurring psychedelic compound produced by more than 200 species of fungi—is demonstrating its role in treating people suffering who are profoundly fearful and anxious. Psilocybin paired with psychotherapy can help reduce anxiety in people suffering from traumatic events and existential fears stemming from a cancer diagnosis. Through a psychedelic experience, brain cells are stimulated, and new brain cells are regenerated. The term for this regeneration—neuroplasticity—gives people the ability to expand the mind into new possibilities, and can help with mental cognition such as learning, relearning, and memorization.

Blue Stem Spores’ Commitment
We are committed to the study of the magic of mushrooms under the microscope, and the resulting increased awareness resulting from such studies. Blue Stem Spores supports the increasing scientific research into magic mushrooms and their numerous benefits to people and the planet.

Can Psilocybin Reduce Fear of Death in Terminal Cancer Patients? Kimberly Meza,, 1/5/22.

Our Albino Cambodian mushroom spores are suitable for researchers of all experience levels. These fully-authentic spores are guaranteed to be free of contamination. We are confident that our sterile processes yield only the highest quality spores. Albino Cambodian and other magic mushroom spores can be purchased in all states except California, Idaho, and Georgia. We sell spores for microscopy and taxonomy exploration.

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