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Golden Teacher Spores

Go on a journey of discovery under the microscope with Golden Teacher spores. One of the most popular strains, Golden Teacher spores are among the most sought-after magic mushroom spores in the world for microscopy researchers. The strain first became popular in the 1980s after the mushrooms were discovered on a farm in Georgia.

Scientific research is shining a spotlight on the therapeutic benefit of psilocybin—a naturally occurring psychedelic compound found in magic mushrooms. The Johns Hopkins Center for Psychedelic and Consciousness Research is conducting cutting-edge research on the therapeutic benefits of psilocybin. It’s the largest research center of its kind in the world.

Psychedelics for Therapy and Wellness

The Johns Hopkins Center for Psychedelic and Consciousness Research is leading the way in exploring innovative treatments using psilocybin.1The Center is looking to advance the emerging field of psychedelics for therapy and wellness. The molecular structure of psilocybin allows it to penetrate the central nervous system. Medical experts are just beginning to understand its effects on the brain and mind, and its potential therapeutics for mental illness. Backed by $17 million in funding from private donors, scientists at the Center are building on previous work and expanding research on psychedelics for illness and wellness to:

  • Develop new treatments for various psychiatric and behavioral disorders
  • Expand research on healthy volunteers with the goal of opening new ways to support human thriving

The Center’s research focuses on how psychedelics affect behavior, mood, cognition, brain function, and biological markers of health.

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