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Each stage of the mushroom spores life cycle can provide valuable biochemical, medicinal, nutritional, detoxification and/or structural resources that support the health and balance of essentially all ecosystems around the globe. There is an explosion of research at academic centers (e.g. University of Texas at Austin) that support the use of psilocybin mushrooms and other psychedelic medicines in the treatment of depression and post-traumatic stress disorders. Many species are being studied and used to support immune health, treat infectious diseases and even as an adjunctive treatment for cancer. The ability for fungi to detoxify environmental pollution is also an extremely important area of environmental conservation can help save the planet by cleaning up the billions of tons of environmental pollution produced by industrialized societies that measure success by metrics of production and consumption. This Article is an excellent review of Mycoremediation. There are many other fascinating and exciting facts about Fungi that involve restoring and maintaining human and environmental health that Blue Stem Fungi will bring awareness to and promote for the benefit of clients and ultimately to help save the planet.

Here are 10 Fascinating Facts from the Way of Leaf website and another brief post to review from the BBC to enhance your awareness of the many wonders and critical life supporting benefits provided by the Fungi Kingdom.

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