Guru of Mycology Paul Stamets’ Enlightening Ted Talk on the Power of Mushroom


Agarikon (Laricifomes officinalis), longest living mushroom spores in the world, described in 65 A.D. as a treatment for consumption has been shown to have anti-tuberculin, anti-viral and other anti-microbial properties. The image on the left shows the anti-microbial containing droplets forming on the mycelium when needed to fight off pathogens.

Paul Stamets’ gives an inspiring and enlightening Ted Talk on the powerful planetary and human health benefits of mushrooms. Fungi mycelial networks are ubiquitous in nature and most people are not aware of the critically important functions they play in maintaining the health and balance of all ecosystems across the planet. Integrated mycelial networks provide intelligent circulatory, immune, detoxification, nutrient delivery, digestive and other functions required to support and maintain life and ecological balance on the planet. Watch this mind-opening Ted Talk here.

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