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The Jack Frost mushroom spores strain has quickly grown in popularity in the short time since its discovery. Jack Frost comes from the True Albino Teacher (TAT) syndicate.TAT mushroom genetics are relatively new to the mycology community. The fruits of the Jack Frost mushroom have white stalks, white caps, and blue gills—and look as though they are covered in snow. It’s a visually stunning mushroom with equally impressive spores that are amazing to view under the microscope!

The TAT syndicate began with Jik Fibs, a mycologist who saw an albino mutation in a group of Golden Teachers. Fibs isolated and stabilized the genetics, marking the beginnings of the syndicate.

Use of Psilocybin to Treat Depression
Major depressive disorder is a major public health burden with limited effectiveness from current treatments. A few studies have looked at psilocybin—the psychoactive compound in magic mushrooms—for the treatment of depression. The studies are showing promise.

A recent study, for example, from Johns Hopkins, found that two doses of psilocybin plus support psychotherapy resulted in rapid and substantial reductions in depressive symptoms, according to a May 2021 article in JAMA Psychiatry titled Effects of Psilocybin-Assisted Therapy on Major Depressive Disorder. Most of the study participants demonstrated improvement, and half achieved remission during four weeks of follow-up. Findings from the study suggest that psilocybin may be more effective in the wider population of patients who suffer from major depression than previously thought.

Supporting Scientific Research
Blue Stem Spores is dedicated to increasing scientific research and understanding the beneficial aspects of Jack Frost Spores and other mushroom strains. We strive to provide further insight into the beauty and magic of mushrooms under the microscope. We offer Jack Frost spores for microscopy research and taxonomy purposes. Blue Stem Spores is committed to providing you with high-quality, viable spores. Our spore swabs are exposed to clean lab environments and sterilized materials. Your order will be packaged and shipped discreetly for your privacy.

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