Jack Frost Mushroom

Explore premium mushroom spores for microscopy with the Jack Frost mushroom. This strain comes from the TAT (True Albino Teacher) syndicate. Although a relatively new strain, it’s been making big waves in the short time it’s been around. TAT mushroom spores genetics is a new and exciting addition to the mycology community!

Jack Frost’s spores are clear under the microscope. The fruits are visually stunning with pure white stalks and caps, as well as bluegills. The beautifully white appearance makes it look as though they have been covered in snow. When psilocybin is exposed to oxygen, it undergoes a chemical reaction that makes the component turn blue. The gills of Jack Frost indicate a high degree of psilocybin.


Jack Frost is a cross between two unique mushroom strains—True Albino Teacher and Albino Penis Envy. True Albino Teacher is an albino variety of the legendary strain Golden Teacher while Albino Penis Envy is an albino variety of the classic Penis Envy strain. A hybrid like Jack Frost is the best of both worlds!

The TAT syndicate started with the mycologist Jik Fibs, who observed an albino mutation in a group of Golden Teachers. The mycologist then isolated and stabilized the genetics, and the TAT syndicate was created. Trusted mycologists continue to release other new genetics.

About Blue Stem Spores

We provide resources and supplies to explore the incredible world of mushroom spores and the many important benefits provided by the Fungi Kingdom. We want to meet or exceed your expectations for researching high-quality spores. The Jack Frost strain is avidly sought after in the microscopy community and a must-have in any spore collection.

Blue Stem Spores is committed to providing you with high-quality, viable spores. The TAT spore swabs have only been exposed to clean lab environments and sterilized materials. The order ships with a clear test tube containing two spore swabs prepared in sterile conditions in front of a laminar flow hood. Your Jack Frost mushroom order will be packaged and shipped discreetly for your privacy.

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