Jack Frost Spores

Jack Frost comes from the True Albino Teacher (TAT) syndicate. Jack Frost’s spores are clear under the microscope. The fruits are typically bent over and have white stalks, white caps, and bluegills. The pure white stalks and caps give them the appearance of being covered in snow. It’s a stunning mushroom, with equally stunning spores that are beautiful to view under the microscope.

The Jack Frost strain has gained popularity in the short time it’s been around. It is recognized as one of the most attractive and distinctive strains among its contemporaries.

Jack Frost Origins

Because it’s a relatively new strain, the history of Jack Frost mushrooms is not vast. The TAT syndicate began with Jik Fibs, a mycologist who saw an albino mutation in a group of Golden Teachers. Fibsisolated and stabilized the genetics, which marked the beginnings of the TAT syndicate. TAT mushroom genetics is a new, exciting line for the mycology community.

Jack Frost is a hybrid between two highly acclaimed mushroom varieties:

  • True Albino Teacher – an albino variety of the legendary Golden Teacher strain
  • Albino Penis Envy – an albino variety of the classic Penis Envy strain

The Jack Frost strain is avidly sought after in the microscopy community and a must-have in any spore collection.

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