Malabar Coast Mushroom Spores

The sought-after Malabar Coast mushroom spores has an exotic appearance and is known to resist contamination. This strain has thick stems and produces a dense fruit. When seen in the wild, Malabar Coast mushroom spores have nearly flat caps that are the color of cinnamon and white spots. The caps usually are darker near the center with fading color towards the edges. The Malabar Coast mushroom spores are dark purple or brown with geometric ellipses and circles that are fascinating to study under a microscope!

Malabar Coast mushroom spores originate in India near the Malabar Coast, located in the southwestern part of the country. The Silk Road ran along this area, tracking inland to the jungles. This region has been a prime area for psilocybin mushrooms to grow naturally.

One of Many Fungi Roles
Fungi play many key roles in our planet’s ecosystem. With the help of bacteria, fungi are responsible for decomposing organic matter everywhere on the earth, according to Fungi Facts on Mushrooms and Cubensis Spores posted online by Quality Spores. The mushrooms that we see growing are the fruiting bodies of the fungi—the bulk of which live and grow underground as mycelium. The purpose of the mushrooms is to release spores to further propagate the fungi, the article indicates. The fungi then break down dead leaves and wood from fallen trees, along with dead insects and animal bodies. These are very important processes. Some fungi are even capable of breaking down inorganic matter, including oils and plastics.

Buy From a Trusted Source
At Blue Stem Spores we strive to increase our understanding of magic mushrooms as a field of study. We support the research of mushrooms and the growing knowledge base around the benefits of mushroom spores. We recommend the Malabar Coast strain for those new to the field of mycology—it’s exotic to study and doesn’t pose some of the challenges associated with other strains.

Trust that you will receive high-quality Malabar Coast mushroom spores from us. You have our guarantee. Mushroom spores are legal in most states when used for research purposes. To maintain your privacy, however, we will discreetly ship your mushroom spores and protect your personal information.

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