Malabar Coast Spores

Malabar Coast spores are best known for their exotic appearance and strong resistance to contamination. They are also known for growing long, thick stems and producing voluminous fruiting bodies. This strain is prolific and resilient. Taxonomists will want to examine their fascinating features—in particular, the dark purple spores have geometric ellipses and circles. Malabar Coast mushrooms are a great strain to cultivate for mycologists at any level. Its ability to ward off contaminants makes it an especially popular strain for newcomers to the field.

In the wild, Malabar Coast mushrooms have nearly flat caps. The caps are cinnamon-colored with white spots. They are usually darker near the center and fade towards the edge. A unique feature is that the caps have a veil that typically does not tear away from the cap, even with maturity. The ring on the partial veil even remains attached after full maturity. Spore deposits are therefore lighter with this strain than other varieties.

Origins in India
Malabar Coast mushroom spores derive from a psilocybin mushroom strain that originates in Malabar, India. The coastline in this region runs for over 500 miles along the southwestern coast of India. This location is prime for mushroom growth as it is on the edge of the ocean near dense jungles. Mushrooms thrive in this hot and humid climate.

Fungi Benefits
Fungi can solve critical problems that underly pollution, climate change, planetary health, and the health of humans, according to renowned mycologist Paul Stamets. Water pollution, toxic oil and chemical spills, and other ecological disasters can be detoxified using fungi to break down hydrocarbons and other pollutants threatening the planet. Growing mushrooms can help create sustainable forests, regenerate the soil, and help solve ecological issues.

About Blue Stem Spores
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