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Albino Penis Envy (APE)

Albino Penis Envy (APE) Spores

albino riptide spores

Albino Riptide Spores

psilocybe natalensis spores

Psilocybe Natalensis Spores

star gazer mushroom

StarGazer Spores


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Spores from PES Amazonian Mushrooms

Spores from PES Amazonian mushrooms are in high demand. These spores are a good selection for microscopists because the spores are unlikely to become contaminated when placed on a slide. The spores are a purplish-brown color. Origins in the Amazon Rain Forest PES Amazonian spores originate from a strain of Pacifica Exotica Spora. The PES…

hillbilly spores mushrooms

Hillbilly Mushroom Spores for Microscopy

Hillbilly mushroom spores derive from the Hillbilly cubensis that was discovered growing naturally in Arkansas. The name “Hill Billy” was the username of the strain’s developer. Hillbilly strains are known to be fast colonizers and contaminant-resistant. This is an uncommon and distinctive strain to have in your spore collection as its spores are somewhat difficult…

burma spores

Burma Mushroom Spores

The Burma mushroom spores have strong characteristics for microscopy and are a favorite specimen for research—a favorite is determined by repeat research. Burma flourishes in large groups and grows medium to very large mushrooms. The fruits generally have a white stem along with a gold cap and gray gills. In nature, the Burma mushroom has…


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