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Fungus Trichophyton mentagrophytes. 3D illustration showing macroconidia multi-celled bodies with spores, micro-conidia single-celled bodies with spores and hyphae filamentous structures Mycologists estimate approximately 1.5 million species of fungi exist supporting the health and balance of ecosystems across the planet. Only about 60,000 species have been described and of those, only a few have been studied…


Guru of Mycology Paul Stamets’ Enlightening Ted Talk on the Power of Mushroom

  Agarikon (Laricifomes officinalis), longest living mushroom spores in the world, described in 65 A.D. as a treatment for consumption has been shown to have anti-tuberculin, anti-viral and other anti-microbial properties. The image on the left shows the anti-microbial containing droplets forming on the mycelium when needed to fight off pathogens. Paul Stamets’ gives an…


Sustainable Agriculture and Mycelial Networks

Learn about another critical component of land and soil conservation to help save our planet. Most of us are unaware of the critical role underground fungal networks play in maintaining the health of ecosystems across our planet. The Society for the Protection of Underground Networks is an organization devoted to protecting and preserving the mycelial…


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