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Yeti Mushroom Spores grow into Yeti mushrooms

Yeti Spores

High Quality Magic Mushroom Spores

Jedi Mind Fuck Spores

Albino Penis Envy (APE) made from Our Mushroom Spores

Albino Penis Envy (APE) Spores

Albino Riptide Mushroom Spores

Albino Riptide Spores

Psilocybe Natalensis Mushroom Spores

Psilocybe Natalensis Spores

Stargazer Mushroom made from our Mushroom Spores

Stargazer Spores

Albino Melmac Mushroom Spores

Albino Melmac Spores

Golden Halo Mushroom Spores

Golden Halo Spores

Mckennaii Mushroom Spores

McKennaii Spores

Hillbilly Mushroom Spores Out of Stock

Hillbilly Spores

Burma Mushrooms made from our Mushroom Spores

Burma Spores

Jack Frost Mushroom Spores

Jack Frost Spores


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Magic mushroom spores carry the genetic information that allows mushrooms to reproduce. Spores can be used to classify different varieties of mushrooms. Spores are very small – typically 20-40 microns, so it is necessary to use a microscope in order to view them.

We offer spores from many different varieties of psilocybin producing mushroom strains. All of our spores are from the genus psilocybe and most fall under the species of cubensis, such as blue meanie mushroom spores or golden teacher mushroom spores. We do offer one strain that is not a cubensis. Our psilocybe natalensis spores are an entirely different species than the cubensis variety.

When you buy psilocybin spores from our website, you can rest assured that you will not find any contaminants during your research. That’s because our spores are obtained under the most stringent laboratory conditions. We harvest our spores using a state of the art 4-foot laminar flow hood that filters out all contaminants. Our spores are collected in a sterile, laboratory environment. We stand behind the purity of our spores with a money-back guarantee.

We offer our psilocybe spores in different formats, depending on the variety you choose. Most of the spores are available in spore prints or syringes. Spore prints typically contain millions of spores. Our spore syringes are guaranteed to contain hundreds of thousands of spores in each syringe, assuring that you are able to successfully complete your research.

Frequently Asked Questions

Psilocybin spores are minute, single-cell reproductive units, with the potential to develop into the vibrant, fruit-bearing structures of psychedelic mushrooms. These spores, often referred to as psilocybin spores, are associated with approximately 200 mushroom species in the Psilocybe genus, containing the compound psilocybin and other psychoactive compounds.

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