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Burma Spores

Burma spores come from the country of Myanmar, which was formerly known as Burma. This strain is quite popular lately due to its strong characteristics for microscopy. It’s spores are oval-shaped and brownish in color. It’s fruits generally have a white stem which bruises blue quite easily, along with a gold cap and gray gills.


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The Burma mushroom spores have strong characteristics for microscopy and are a favorite specimen for research—a favorite is determined by repeat research. Burma flourishes in large groups and grows medium to very large mushrooms. The fruits generally have a white stem along with a gold cap and gray gills. In nature, the Burma mushroom has earned a reputation as being one of the strongest, most resilient mushrooms. A major benefit to cultivators is their fast-growing qualities, especially if grown from spores. Colonizing Burma mushrooms on a substrate typically takes only a few days.

John Allen, a known authority on magic mushrooms, received a specimen of this psilocybecubensis variation from a student in Burma, now Myanmar. The mushroom specimen was collected in an unplanted rice paddy outside the city of Yangoon. It’s been reported that Allen grew only one flush of Burma mushrooms, propagating the original spores and proliferating them globally.

All of our spores are curated in sterile conditions and harvested under a large Series IV laminar flow hood developed by Paul Stamets. The HEPA filter has a 99.99% efficient micron filter to ensure our spores are of the highest purity.

Syringe kit includes a syringe with thousands of spores suspended in 10ml of purified water, along with alcohol swab, needle, and product flyer in a plastic pouch. Spore print kit includes the spore print with product flyer in a plastic pouch.

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*Note: All pictures are for reference, only. We source our spores from outside of the United States in a jurisdiction where cultivation is legal. Our spores are NOT intended for cultivation and are for research, only.

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