Spores from PES Amazonian Mushrooms

Spores from PES Amazonian mushrooms are in high demand. These spores are a good selection for microscopists because the spores are unlikely to become contaminated when placed on a slide. The spores are a purplish-brown color.

Origins in the Amazon Rain Forest
PES Amazonian spores originate from a strain of Pacifica Exotica Spora. The PES Amazonian strain was first discovered about 40 years ago within the Amazonian rainforest. The biodiversity of the rainforest was conducive to the strain becoming resistant to contaminants. At a mature state in the wild, PES Amazonian mushrooms are large and have long, thick stems. The hearty stems enable the mushroom to more readily absorb nutrients and distribute its spores.

Role in Treating Alcohol Abuse
Several studies have examined psilocybin—the psychoactive component in magic mushrooms—for treating alcohol abuse. New psychedelic-based technologies are showing success in treating excessive drinking, according to Adi Zuloff-Shani. He is the CEO of Clearmind Medicine, which is developing breakthrough treatments for binge behavior and other mental health conditions, including alcohol use disorder. Zuloff-Shani reports that a new psychoactive molecule called MEAI is showing strong signs of producing the same euphoria-like experience one gets from consuming several drinks while significantly reducing the desire to consume alcohol excessively. He cites a BBC report in 2021 that indicated there are some 6,000 studies on more than 40,000 patients showing the effectiveness of psychedelics in treating an array of mental health conditions, especially excessive alcohol use.

Drinking to Excess? Psychedelics Can Help, Adi Zuloff-Shani, Psychedelic Spotlight, April 8, 2022.

About Blue Stem Spores
We provide resources and supplies to explore the many important benefits that fungi provide. The PES Amazonian strain is recommended for microscopists of all skill levels as it is free of some challenges found in other strains. One of our goals is to increase awareness of the beauty and magic of mushrooms when studied under a microscope.

We produce spores from PES Amazonian mushrooms in a laboratory-grade environment. We guarantee you will receive the highest-quality spores available. Mushroom spores are legal in most of the United States when used for research purposes. We sell spores for microscopy and taxonomy purposes.

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